Auction Information

Date and Time  of Auction: Jun 12, 2018@10:00AM

Auction will be held at: AB Mini Storages, 3420 US Highway 301N, Wilson, NC.

Terms of Sale: Cash Only.

This Auction will be held in order to sell or dispose of various personal items pursuit to assertion of lien on property.

The following units will be sold unless the lien is satisfied by the tenant prior to time of sale:

Shannon Kouran   Furniture, electronics & misc.

Bernice Braswell   Furniture, appliances & misc.

April Johnson   Furniture, appliances, air cond. & misc.

Randi Mincey   Furniture, scooter & misc.

Joyce Parks   Furniture, electronics & misc.

Undra Harper  Furniture & misc.

Alexia Jones  Furniture & misc.